Amelia Unchained
2 min readOct 21, 2021


The problems seems to be the men who do not realise or refuse to see that they are undesireable duds that nobody wants to be with.

Not everyone with the dawning realisation that they're a dud even gets to go on a date, let alone be in a position to abuse the basic trust invested in them to not behave loutishly by staging what is effectively a sexual assault.

But if A Desired, Fanciable, Fuckable Specimen pushes the envelope, then it is intimacy, elopement and sexual interaction. If a Dud pulls the same stunt (and he shouldn't, really), then it is called out.

The problem is that the types of men who are considered desirable and fanciable are never, ever, ever, ever denied intimacy, relationship and sex - it is just the unfortunate, worthless Duds who are despised when they try to relate to people as people and are laughingly mocked behind their backs and sometimes, if there are fuck-buck-studs around, to flex their muscles and punch down on the hapless directly to their faces to score sexual machismo points. I suspect that this is all part of the school yard frisson of excitement that bullying provides for its perpetrators.

These disordered dating / mating / sex games are all learned very early on in life, because people's roles are assigned to them, arguably based upon looks or how attractive the adults who control their lives consider them to be.

The attractive ones are feted and adored, those who are deemed ugly are despised and spat upon. I think this all starts between the time someone is born to around the age of 7, whereby everything is cemented, immutable and never susceptible to any sort of revision.

It is unfortunate for the attractive people that these Ugly Duds are allowed to persist in many ways, but they exist as a cautionary tale about the perils of being born to be ugly.