Amelia Unchained
1 min readJan 21, 2022


I never used any of these 'dating' Apps; I never tried to use existing social media (Twitter, Facebook), for dating purposes, either. I think people who report 'success' in using these Apps would probably have been successful IRL. There's a certain personality that received nurturance and growth between birth and the age of seven, and they're the ones who would prosper. I think it is safe to say that one's aptitude for being attractive and desireable are firmly cemented in those first seven years of life and if they went awry, then you're stuck out in the cold as a perpetual, life-long loser.

There's a looks threshold and I don't come even close to breaching it, so it is utterly pointless.

I've read so many accounts of negative experiences of OnLine dating, that it has totally put me off ever contemplating the idea.

It doesn't matter to me if it lives or dies really, but there's one thing it can never do, and that is to raise the unattractive to a level in which they can be considered even remotely attractive (see my observations about how Personality is cemented from a very young age onwards).

The destructive, bruising, damaging harm to one's sense of self permeates nearly every account of online dating I have ever read, so I'm glad that I was not sucked into The Great Fallacy.

I think I dodged a bullet with that, tbh.