Amelia Unchained
1 min readFeb 11, 2022


I am not surprised that levels of deceit and disinformation would be used in order to push a message that is designed to get the hindmost low-grade types behind attacking trans people.

What I find amusing though, is that if they're able to mobilise the Gormless Hordes against us, then the movement will gain momentum. This would inevitably result in a backlash against those who are orchestrating this concerted 'culture wars' attack.

I'm old enough to remember when people who were widely perceived to be hyper-virilised and super-predatory were often characterised as a threat to women and children.

I can use my clippers to do a Number Four crew cut on my hair, grow out a small beard and pass as "perfectly" male. Yes, I'd get grief from the low-grade hindmost because they'd think I was gay, but that would be nothing in comparison to what would be enacted against these would-be reactionaries/revolutionaries.

They're playing with fire, and I'm just glad that I know I can go undercover and watch the subsequent fireworks as the display unfolds.

It won't stop with Trans; it will gain momentum and and as in all revolutions, they will end up being eaten alive.